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  1. Ann Arbor family needs full time (up to 50 hours/week) nanny/house manager for their 3 children.M-F 8-6pm. Family will pay for overtime hours. If nanny prefers not to work on Fridays, then it could just be a 40 hour a week position. They have twin 15 month old girls and a 5 year old boy. Start date is flexible but ASAP. Pay rate is DOE and very competitive.  Mom will be home (or in and out) for 2 (Th/Fr) out of the 5 days. Nanny must be comfortable co-nannying with the Mom. She would like to ask the nanny to trade kids/tasks with her ie: Mom was just doing the laundry and the nanny was playing with the twins, now Mom would like nanny to go finish up the laundry while Mom spends some quality time with the twins.

Nanny must be willing to have a long term position. They’ve had nannies previously (one was with them for 3.5 years), and give 3 weeks paid vacation plus paid holidays. They like having a nanny feel comfortable in their home, and with the parents. Family could do cash or taxed. This position does require some housekeeping/food prep/organizational skills. The family has a housekeeper, but it’d be nice if the nanny could help in between major cleans. Clean driving record is a must. Non-smoker. They would prefer someone a little older, or at least a very mature younger person. Mom is a little type-A, so someone who can take initiative and be organized is preferred. Start date: ASAP.


  1. Grosse Pointe professional family needs a house manager/nanny for their 2 boys. This is a very busy, fast paced position. Boys are 7 and 11. The 11 year old goes to school and lives at the house full time. He has Williams Syndrome (google it). He’s extremely high functioning. Technically in special needs classes, but he’s right on the edge of being able to go into general public schools. 7 year old will only be there every other week. Position starts ASAP.

Family needs 6 days a week, 70 hours a week. M-Sat 7am-6:30pm This will be split between two nannies. Both nannies will get 35 hours per week guaranteed. Both nannies will do 3 days per week. 1st week will be MWFr, 2nd week will be TThSa then you swap back to MWFr etc. Punctuality is a huge must for this family. Family prefers someone a little older, maybe 30-60 years of age. They need someone reliable, timely, responsible and experienced. Position is $17/hr taxed. Must have a clean background check, non-smoking, clean driving record, 2+ years of experience, reachable references and make a 1-year commitment at least. Paid vacation will be offered after the nanny has been with the family for 3 months.

Family does travel domestically and internationally a few times per year, and would like to hire a nanny who would be willing to come along (all expenses paid of course). This is not a must, but preferred. This family needs someone to do light housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal prep make breakfasts/lunch for kids and dinner for family while the boys are in school. They need help with running errands, making appointments, organizing etc. This is the ‘house manager’ part of the job. Mom is extremely organized with shopping lists, meal plans, recipes etc, so as long as someone can follow a recipe, and follow household direction, they will be fine. This family is better suited to someone who has previously worked in a high net worth residence.


  1. Saline family needs an approximately 35 hour a week nanny for their two children ages 12 and 10. The hours are M-F 3-9 pm. Oftentimes the Mom comes home earlier than 9, but that would most likely be the latest they would keep you. Position starts ASAP . Mom travels, so someone who is flexible (with advanced notice) is required. Occasionally the family will need before school help (maybe 3 times per month) some overnights (maybe 4 per night) and very occasional weekend hours (with advance notice). Family is paying a weekly salary of around $500+. This is a taxed position, and it is around $26k+ yearly. They could also pay hourly (with guaranteed hours) instead of a weekly salary if the nanny prefers.

Family requires that the nanny has their own, reliable vehicle to pick ups and drop offs. They had a nanny who has been with them for 4 years. This family treats their nanny like family, and hopes to find someone who is very comfortable with them. They hope to pay a liveable yearly wage so the nanny can be more flexible for their family. This is a really amazing family, the Mom is easy to work with and the kids are so sweet!

In the summer, the hours will be a little more than 35, but the nanny also gets 4 paid weeks of vacation. So the average hours for the year are 35, but in the school year will most likely be less. Helping the children do their chores (laundry, put away dishes, homework) is a must. Some help with the family laundry would be helpful and just general tidying up. Homework help is really the biggest job responsibility, so someone who is college educated is preferred (6th grade math is hard!). Must be a non-smoker. Someone who brings their own child to work may apply. This is a long term position. Family can be flexible on salary/hours etc for the right candidate.


  1. West Bloomfield family needs a full time nanny for their 2 little girls, ages 3 and 5. This will be a long term position. Hours are M-F 8-6. Pay is negotiable, around $16/hr taxed. Both girls will be home in the summer, but 5 year old will go to school in the fall. This position could start now, on a part time basis and move to full time in June.

The family had the 3 year old in Montessori school previously, but would consider dropping the school completely in the Fall as long as the nanny had an interest in continuing her studies. The family also has the option (depending on what the nanny wants) to put her in Montessori part time and have the nanny the other days. For right now, we can assume that this will be a long term, full time position.

The family needs someone who can handle the activity of two adorable, rambunctious little girls. They also need someone who is stern, but still loving. The family is absolutely wonderful. They are very flexible, understanding, and caring. They will be offering paid vacation and paid holidays. Local outings for the girls is encouraged, nanny needs to have her own well-maintained vehicle for use (with reimbursement).

This family would love to have someone who has worked as a teacher, especially someone with a Montessori background. If someone has their college education, that would be a plus. Also, if someone knew how to play the piano and could teach the girls a thing or two, that’d be nice. None of these items are necessary, just helpful. This family needs a non-smoker, and someone who has at least 3 years or nannying experience. 

5. Novi family is searching for a part time German speaking nanny for their 3 children. Girls are 4 and 2 years old, and newborn boy. Family will guarantee 20 hours per week no matter what. The hours are flexible (Mom stays home with baby) but ideally they would like MWF 8am-2pm and T/Th from 8am-12pm. This family speaks German and English. They MUST HAVE a native German speaking nanny, no exceptions at this time. Someone who took German in high school unfortunately does not count. Competitive hourly rate. Position starts June 5th, but they can be flexible for the right person to start later if need be.

The little girls are adorable, they live in a nice house, and Mom is super easy to get along with. Even though she technically is in the home, she says she rarely sees their current nanny. She stays completely out of the way. Their current nanny is leaving the family after being there for almost three years. Mom will be hanging out with the newborn little boy most of the time (she’s breastfeeding). After a few months however, Mom will want to be able to trust the nanny enough to leave all 3 kids home for short periods of time. They have a huge playroom in their basement. She loves it when her current nanny cleans up after the girls (or encourages them to clean up) at the end of her shift.

They hope to find a nanny who is creative, likes games, and can come up with fun activities for the girls to keep their minds sharp. 2 year old is still in diapers, so someone that can help with potty training would be nice. She wants their new nanny to be part of the family. She enjoys having open communication. She allows the nanny to be in charge when the nanny is working with the kids. Someone who can help the 4 year old with her homework (from Kumon) that would be nice. 4 year old is involved in swim and ballet. 2 year old is involved with gymnastics.

General tidying up of the house will be requested, but no deep cleaning. They have a cleaning service twice a month. Grandma is there a lot (lives in Nashville, but visits), but she doesn’t come downstairs that often when the nanny is there. She has a mother in laws suite upstairs and when she knows the nanny is there, she stays out of the way. The nanny is free and welcome to eat the families food. This a great family to join, thanks for reading!

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