Hi everyone!

Hope you are having a great week! I met with the cutest family a few days, and would love to find them an amazing nanny. Please read below and let us know if you feel like you’re a perfect fit! If you haven’t applied with Perfect Nanny Match before, please do so indicating that you’re interested in this job. If you’ve already applied with us, please shoot us an email showing your interest! Jobs@PerfectNannyMatch.com


Bloomfield Hills family needs full time, long term career nanny. They have two little boys ages 5 months and 2 years old. They also have a friendly medium sized, older dog. They need MWThFri from 8:30-4 and Tuesdays 7:30-5pm. Position starts March 1st ideally but could start a little sooner or later for the right candidate. They also are open to a candidate starting with more part time hours and then moving to full time if needed. $15/hr, guaranteed hours, 1 week paid vacation, paid holidays and 2-3 sick days are being offered.

Mom works from home, and doesn’t plan on being a hover Mom. She travels for work on Tuesday’s. Her office has a door and is on the main floor. The whole basement is the main play room where the nanny and kids will be most of the day. Baby is breastfed and takes a bottle really well. The 2 year old is very active and used to go to daycare/school. He likes having a little structure/learning to his day as opposed to having free play the whole day. Mom has curriculum/project/activity ideas laid out on a weekly basis. She isn’t super concerned about whether every activity gets done, they are just ideas on how to keep him occupied/learning throughout the day.

Job responsibilities include: loading/unloading dishwasher, light meal prep for children, cleaning up the kids messes, educating, potty training help and letting the dog out occasionally. The family does not need the nanny to do laundry or any deep cleaning as they have a housekeeper. The family encourages you to eat their food. Tidying up before the end of the day is requested.

2 year old has a peanut allergy and they have epi-pens stashed around the house. Absolutely no peanuts are allowed in their home. Their nanny needs to feel comfortable administering an epi pen if need be. They require First Aid/CPR certification and would give preference to someone who at least has their associates degree. Family does not require driving for the first few months, until they get used to their new nanny. Once that initial phase is over, they welcome the nanny taking the boys to fun activities with their memberships to the zoo, Cranbrook etc.

This family has had good luck with teachers/babysitters in the past being younger, between the ages of 22-37. The Mom is super allergic to cats and hopes to find someone who either doesn’t have a cat, or agrees to make sure their clothing is hair free upon arrival. This is a non-smoking household. This family appreciates timeliness and professionalism, but also wants their nanny to become part of their family for several years to come.