Every Child Wakes Up – Sleep Sack Giveaway

Every Child Wakes Up Sleep Sack Giveaway

In the state of Michigan, a baby dies every three days due to unsafe sleep practices. At the 2016 Challenge of Children Conference in Holland, Michigan, I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy Bromley who was teaching a safe sleep workshop called Crying, Sleeping and Playing. Using and Modeling Healthy Habits with Infants.

I was under the impression this workshop was on swaddling and soothing an infant. But it was about something even more important – ensuring each infant wakes up from their naps. Sandy founded a non-profit organization called Haddie’s Calling, in honor of her nine month old daughter Hadley Sue Bromley.

Haddie was a bright eyed baby girl. On June 2, 2015, she fell asleep at daycare and tragically never woke up. She suffocated on a thick, comforter-like blanket that shouldn’t have been anywhere near her. She had been napping for three hours and had passed away and hour before she was checked on. There were many Safe Sleep rules that all licensed day cares are required to follow, and many rules were violated that day.

Is your daycare or nanny following every rule? 

Everyone who cares for children should know the A-B-C’s of Safe Sleep:

A – Alone. Baby should always sleep alone. No pillows, stuffed animals, or blankets.

B – Back. Back is best. Always put a baby to sleep on their backs even when they can roll over.

C – Crib. Baby should always sleep in a crib or Pack-N-Play.

In her honor, Haddie’s Calling created a Sleep Sack to keep infants warm while protecting them from SIDS.

Perfect Nanny Match is raffling off a brand new Sleep Sack. The Sleep Sack is for use for infants six to twelve months. Enter daily now through July 31st, 2016 for your chance to win! Enter below!

For more details on this non-profit organization visit HaddiesCalling.com or email haddiescalling@gmail.com.
For more information on safe sleep habits, see CDC.gov/SIDS/Parents-Caregivers.htm

Sleep Sack Giveaway!

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Questions for Children After School

Back To School

Did your kids start school this week in Wayne, Oakland, or Macomb county? When they came home on their first day, I bet you asked the dreaded question: “How was your day?”. Bor-ing!

As a nanny myself, I know I’ve asked that same, mundane question to my nanny kids. They always reply the same way, and I always end up feeling lost as to how to communicate with them about their school day.

I found this cute article that shows you 30 questions to ask your child about their day at school. Hope it helps spur some interesting conversations for you and your family!


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Have a happy school year from Perfect Nanny Match!

-Lena Santacaterina

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