October 2017 Nanny Job Openings Wayne and Oakland County

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

We have 2 open positions right now within Perfect Nanny Match. Go ahead and check out the full job descriptions below.

If you’re interested in either, please send Lena an email explaining why you think you’re a great fit. Jobs@PerfectNannyMatch.com

If you haven’t applied on the Perfect Nanny Match website yet, please do that first and then go ahead and send us an email. www.perfectnannymatch.com/jobs/apply/105


  1.  Busy Royal Oak family needs a strict part time nanny for their two children. The kids are 4 (boy) and 2 (girl) years old. They need help M-F from 7am-12pm, with the possibility for more hours if the nanny wants it. They currently have 3 nannies, all working different shifts. The Mom is a doctor, works long hours and is on call often. Dad travels frequently so they have the need for multiple nannies. Occasional overnights or weekends might be requested in advance. Family is paying $15/hr, paid holidays off and 1 vacation day per month worked. Mileage reimbursement will also be given for any miles driven with the children in nannies vehicle.

Nanny would be mainly responsible for the little girl, because the son goes to school 5 days a week. Applicants must have a safe, reliable vehicle that can fit two car seats. The afternoon nanny picks up the son from school, but there might be some occasions where the AM nanny needs to drive both children. Previous nanny experience is required, as well as up to date vaccinations. Family is Indian, and hopes to find a nanny who is open minded, stricter, well-cultured and aware of differences in child-rearing. Family prefers a fit, healthy nanny, who is over the age of 30. The family prefers nannies who are bilingual, and will give preference to college educated nannies as well. The Mom only speaks in their Indian language to the children, so a nanny who is comfortable with that is needed. The children are fluent in English.

The grandparents are out of state, but have daily FaceTime conversations with the children. The nanny will be required to set those conversations up for the children. The grandparents come into town and stay with the family at least once every other month. They do hover slightly, so a strong nanny is needed. Family has nanny/security cameras in some common areas of the house. Both children eat most foods, they just don’t eat large quantities. Feeding is a struggle for these kids, so nanny needs to do a decent amount of coaxing/begging. The kids are mostly vegetarian (mom is full vegetarian) and occasionally eat eggs, fish etc. Meal prep for the kids is required. If the 2 year old goes to school twice a week, the nanny must be able to be a house manager on those mornings. Those duties would include: cleaning up dishes from breakfast, starting lunch/dinner prep, wiping down counters, wiping off booster/high chairs, helping with laundry (including Mom’s), making children’s beds etc. Grocery shopping might be requested on days when both children are in school. On the days when the 2 year old is not in school, nanny should tidy up in the morning but mostly focus on her. Family does have a housekeeper every Friday.

The kids are going to a Spanish immersion program at their Montessori school, so the family gives preference to nannies who speak Spanish. Their family is very family centered, and hope to find a nanny who is too. They want their nanny to feel comfortable in their home, and many of their nannies have become members of their family. If time allows, they’d love their nanny to take the kids to do fun activities. There is also a playground/park and library down the road from their house. They have a double stroller and single strollers for adventures.

2. Nanny needed in Oakland Township! New parents in Oakland Township need a full time nanny for their 4 month old daughter. They are looking for M-F 8:30-5:30pm, long term, career nanny. They are hoping to stick around the $15-16/hr mark. They are offering 2 weeks paid vacation, 6 federal holidays off/paid, 3 paid sick/personal days, and mileage reimbursement. Start date is after Thanksgiving.

They are a very loving family, and are looking for someone engaging and experienced. This family will need help with light housekeeping, tidying up, meal prep, bottle cleaning, baby laundry, and occasionally letting out their friendly goldendoodle. They are looking for a nanny who can teach their daughter with no screen time. They are hoping to find a nanny who wants to become a part of their family!

Personality traits they are looking for: engaging, loving, caring, patient, proactive, responsible, mature, nurturing, attentive and animal friendly. Mom works from home full time and Dad occasionally works from home. Mom likes to come out occasionally in between calls to say hello to the baby, but doesn’t plan on being a ‘hover mom’.

They plan to fully respects a nanny’s time, and hope the nanny will be punctual for them in return. This family is guaranteeing the full 45 hours per week. One set of Grandparents are nearby and hope to come visit the baby on occasion. This family is hoping to find a nanny who is very open, communicative and silly. They want a nanny who has enough experience to know the milestones/development stages of their child enough to be able to point out any issues to the family. The family is open to suggestions/ideas from the nanny. This family also hopes a nanny will go out and about in the community doing fun activities with their daughter.

3. Busy, dual working family in Royal Oak needs a full time nanny for their 2 young boys and one on the way. The boys are 2 and 4 years old, and they are expecting their third little boy in early January. This family would like a nanny from 7:30-4:45pm M-F. They are offering competitive hourly rate, guaranteed hours, open to cash or taxed, 4 weeks paid vacation and paid holidays. Nanny must have their own vehicle, and have a great driving record. Start date is ASAP but semi flexible as they do currently have a nanny.Family is originally from Chicago and has had nannies in the past. They would like someone to become part of their family and stay long term (up to 5 years or more). Mom works from home in her main floor office and says she is good at not hovering. She expects to be around more for the first week or so for training. Family has an 85 lb dog who is friendly and the nanny doesn’t have any responsibilities with the dog. He does beg for food but sleeps most of the day. They have a dog walker and the parents are responsible for feedings etc.

Since Mom is due in January, Mom has 4 months of maternity. The hours will be cut slightly 25-30 during that period, to be determined based upon the mother’s and baby’s health, but this would be offset by the increased pay rate for three children. Also, once maternity leave is complete, hours would return to the full time at the higher rate.

4 year old son has sensory processing disorder. He needs a nanny with a little more patience than usual. He is extremely high-functioning and highly verbal and communicative. He has an occupational therapist but the nanny doesn’t need any special training. The family will teach the nanny about what works for him and some tips.

This family would like a nanny who is assertive, and takes control of the house. They have a nanny currently but she kind of takes a back seat in the mornings when the hustle and bustle is happening. The family needs a nanny who will jump right in.

The 4 year old goes to preschool 3 mornings a week, and the 2 year old also has all kinds of fun classes the nanny will need to take him to. The kids do better when they are busy and out of the house. They both nap from 1-3 currently. General housekeeping duties will be requested such as but not limited to: children’s laundry, dishes, light meal prep, wiping down counters, swiffering the main rooms, emptying diaper genies, stocking children’s essentials (diapers, wipes etc) and changing the kids bed sheets once a week.

4. Super sweet West Bloomfield family needs an almost full time nanny for their two girls ages 16 months and 5 years old. The hours needed are M-F 10am-4pm so 30 hours per week. They have had their current nanny for 4.5 years, and the love her like family. They are hoping to find someone long term, who can become part of their family. They need a nanny by October 30th at the latest, the sooner the better though to shadow with current nanny.

Family is offering ~$15/hr, 2 weeks paid vacation, 6 paid federal holidays, 3 sick/personal days and guaranteed 30 hours a week. This family is very down to earth and laid back. They hope to find a nanny who is much the same. The 5 year old girl is in ‘early 5’s’ right now M-Th 9-3. She will go to kindergarten next year. Nanny will be in charge of pick-ups in the Mom’s car. Mom works from home, and is breastfeeding the baby during the day. She is very good at not coming out of the office unless it’s to eat or feed the baby. They really hope to find a nanny who can engage with the little one and her older sister at the same time (mostly on Friday’s).

They plan to have another child at some point, so this is a very long term position. They want a nanny who is very loving, kind, patient and not super strict. They still want their kids to have manners but don’t need a dictator. They are well-behaved girls who love art and music. This family likes messes, and knows that people make mistakes.

Job duties include but are not limited to: children’s laundry, children’s meals, loading/unloading dishwasher, wiping down countertops, picking up toys, and general tidying up at the end of the day. They would love someone who is CPR/FA certified or willing to do so. This family is Christian and Jewish and hopes to find a nanny who is open minded.

 5. Professional athlete family in Northville needs a nanny for their 8 month old daughter starting immediately. This family has older boys as well (10 and 6) but the nanny will be responsible during the week for the daughter only. They come home at 4pm. This family is flexible on the hours the nanny works. They could do a 8-1 or 8-4 shift M-F just depending on what the nanny wants. If the nanny needs to get off at certain times on certain days they can accommodate that as well. Mom will be in and out of the house, but promises to stay out of the way. Family is also open to the idea of the nanny having Tuesdays completely off if they wanted. Nanny must have her own vehicle.

Because Dad is a professional athlete, they might only need someone for certain seasons. For instance, they could probably use someone all the way until school is out, but will most likely not need anyone for the rest of June or July. They are flexible, and open to discussing their needs with a potential candidate. They will require an NDA to be signed prior to starting the position.

They are offering a week of paid vacation, 3 sick/personal days and competitive salary. This will be a taxed position only. They have occasional travel needs as well, which can be discussed ahead of time. The family will be attending away games occasionally and after everyone gets used to each other they would invite the nanny along. The family is comfortable offering guaranteed hours and paid holidays. Occasional help on the weekends might be requested but they do have a separate weekend sitter they could use.

The family hopes to find someone who is experienced, and who is more of a career nanny. They would prefer someone who is 30 and up but would consider younger as long as the person is professional, discreet and experienced. They would prefer someone who has their college degree. CPR and first aid training is a must have. The daughter is currently drinking formula and eating cereal. They do not have a strict feeding schedule for her right now. She’s a pretty good sleeper but needs a little help transitioning into her new crib.

Family does not have a housekeeper, and hopes the nanny can help keep things tidy. Nanny will only be responsible for washing children’s clothing, occasionally making kids meals, and picking up after the baby. The older boys are very respectful but do get privileges taken away if they get out of hand. This family has no special needs, no allergies and no pets.

Apply here: www.perfectnannymatch.com/jobs/apply/105 or send us an email! Jobs@PerfectNannyMatch.com

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