Questions for Children After School

Back To School

Did your kids start school this week in Wayne, Oakland, or Macomb county? When they came home on their first day, I bet you asked the dreaded question: “How was your day?”. Bor-ing!

As a nanny myself, I know I’ve asked that same, mundane question to my nanny kids. They always reply the same way, and I always end up feeling lost as to how to communicate with them about their school day.

I found this cute article that shows you 30 questions to ask your child about their day at school. Hope it helps spur some interesting conversations for you and your family!

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Have a happy school year from Perfect Nanny Match!

-Lena Santacaterina

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Michigan Moms Need Babyproofing Help

Is your house babyproofed? I’ve been asked by several families with new babies lately if I have any tips for baby proofing. There are SO many different tips, I decided to link a great article with extensive proofing information. There are different things you need to take a look at depending on how old your children are. Infants can’t walk yet and get onto tables, but they sure can roll over and grab things on the floor!

Please take a look at¬†’s article¬†for information on making your home as safe as possible for your family!

This information is also great for babysitters, nannies, Grandma’s, neighborhood kids, and family members to be aware of when working with other people’s children.

Thanks for reading, and safe proofing!

Lena (Owner of Perfect Nanny Match)

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