February Nanny Job Listings (5 of them!)

Wow! What a busy month! It seems like everyone needs a nanny right now. Perfect Nanny Match has been booming in the past 2 weeks and I would love to help these families out! We have families in Romeo, Grosse Pointe, Birmingham, Lake Orion, and Rochester.

If you are a current Perfect Nanny Match applicant, please just send me an interest email here: Jobs@PerfectNannyMatch.com

If you’ve never applied on Perfect Nanny Match’s website, please do so here: www.PerfectNannyMatch.com/Jobs/Apply/105

  1. Grosse Pointe family needs a full time nanny for their two girls, ages 4 and 2. They are looking for someone long term, who is available M-Th from 7:45am-5 or 6pm (between 36-40 hours). Family would also like someone who would be available for date nights/weekend/vacation help on occasion. They have a nanny currently, but she is not available any longer (because of school) for the hours the family needs. They would like to have someone in place soon, but are willing to wait for the right person. This is a long term position. Family has a housekeeper twice a month, but hopes the nanny is tidy and can help with dishes. No family or children’s laundry duties.

They are paying between $14-16/hr taxed. 4 year old goes to preschool in town on MWF until 11:45am. Mom drops off, but nanny does pick up. Nanny can use Dad’s vehicle while on duty. Family hopes to find a nanny who wants to take the girls to parks, the library, zoo etc. This family also has a 10 year old pug, with a fenced in backyard. Good driving record and clean background check is a must. They prefer someone either working on their college degree or someone who has finished their degree. They prefer someone with a background in education/childcare. No one in this family has allergies or any special needs. Nanny is welcome to eat their food. They treat their current nanny like family, and can’t wait to incorporate a new nanny into their life!

  1. Romeo single Mom is looking for a full time nanny for her two children, a one year old girl and 4 year old boy. They are looking for M-F 1pm-9pm. $15/hr cash. They are looking for someone beginning of February. They are looking for someone young, energetic and a nanny who takes initiative. Some of the duties involved in this position include: driving 4 year old back and forth from school, children’s laundry, cleaning bottles, making basic lunch/dinner meals for the kids and helping 4 year old get ready for kindergarten. They would like someone long term, at least a year or more.

Mom is a stay at home Mom, so she will be in and out of the house. She however, is not a helicopter Mom, and doesn’t mind letting the nanny take control. This Mom is very interested in having a nanny who gets along with the kids (especially the 4 year old, who had a nanny prior and was very close to her) and has fun! She wants someone professional, career minded, and someone who wants to stay long term. Someone who is comfortable travelling with the family is encouraged to apply.


  1. Lake Orion family needs part time nanny for their three kids ages 11, 8, 6. The hours are M-F from 2:30-6pm. Family is paying $16+/hr taxed. Family will guarantee 17.5 hours per week even if they come home early, go on vacation etc. They will offer mileage reimbursement, and a few vacation days. They have never hired a nanny, but are managers in their professions.

The family needs any applicant to run a driving record on herself by requesting it on the SOS website or at any branch location. You must show your driving record to either myself or the family during your interview (prior to hiring). The family will reimburse for this expense (It’s $11 to do it online, but takes several weeks to come in, or you can pay $12 and get it immediately from the branch) upon hire. No texting and driving. 2 out of the 3 children have food allergies which require the nanny to be trained in using an EpiPen.

This job is mostly just getting the kids home from school, get a snack, and then shuffling them to various activities (dance, soccer etc). In the summer, the family could put the kids in day-camps (nanny hours would still be 2:30-6) or if the nanny wanted to work full time they could do that as well. They are flexible for the right person. This is a long term position.Family will request date nights from nanny also if available.

This family is willing to hire someone who is a college student (only if nanny agrees to schedule classes around the needs of the family) all the way up to a retired person who doesn’t have much else going on. They are open to hiring someone who is new to the nanny world. Must be a non-smoker, very responsible and reliable. Position starts ASAP!

  1. Rochester family seeks a part time nanny for a stay at home Mom and a busy, travelling Dad. Family has a 3.5 year old girl and a 1 month old boy. They would like someone to work Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-5, and then add on Wednesdays from 10-5 after a few months of employment. Position starts ASAP.

This family is paying a great hourly wage ($16++), and is hoping to find someone on the younger side (even as young as 18 or 19), but they are open to all ages. This family would like to have a nanny stay with them for about least a year, maybe longer. Someone who is a newer nanny, is welcome to apply for this job. You must have experience handling breastmilk. Mom will be in and out of the home, so you must be comfortable with that arrangement. This family has two cats and one very well-behaved dog. Mom has Celiac disease and would like someone to be able to adhere to a gluten free household.


  1. Birmingham single Dad needs a full time nanny for his little girl who is 10 months old. Hours are MWF from 7am-3pm. T/Th start time is at 8am. (38 hours) $15 +/hr cash. There are also 2 teenage daughters but they will be in school the whole time. During the summer the older girls might be in and out of the house, but the nanny won’t have to ‘take care’ of them, possibly give them rides occasionally. Job duties for the baby include: light meal prep, maybe help with laundry, and general tidying up. 

Dad has never hired a nanny before. The baby has not been around strangers alone before, so she is quite shy. Someone with patience and a lot of love is needed! He needs someone to start asap, as he is currently going through a separation and needs the help. This is long term position. Hours will not change during the summer unless the nanny needs the hours to change. He was thinking about having the 17 year old daughter help out, so he can be flexible for the right person. His preference would be for the nanny to continue working full time all year round. Previous nanny experience is needed.

Family lives in an apartment. Parks and libraries nearby. Nanny must be a non-smoker and have a clean background check. Family has a medium sized beagle who stays in her cage upstairs. Nanny has no duties having to do with the dog. This position starts asap!

Email me with any questions! Lena@PerfectNannyMatch.com

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National Nanny Recognition Week Sept 18th-24th!

Appreciate Your NannyEvery year, Regarding Nannies (a national resource for nannies and employers) comes out with a great list of notes of appreciation during National Nanny Recognition Week. This is a week designed just for nannies, who so lovingly teach and support our nations little ones. There are awards, notes of appreciation and resources for agencies and employers.

Take a moment to write a note to your nanny or special nanny mentor in  your life! They will be publishing them during the NNRW week on their Facebook page and website.


Perfect Nanny Match will be recognizing a few of our ‘rockstar nannies’ during this week as well. Join us in the fun! http://regardingnannies.com/2016/09/2016-nanny-notes-appreciation/


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