Recently, the Metro Detroit Nannies along with Perfect Nanny Match hosted an event JUST for nannies, babysitters, daycare workers and other childcare professionals called Coloring the Hearts of Children. We lined up 4 speakers, over 25 raffle prizes, and lots of treats for our childcare professionals.

-The Metro Detroit Nannies are the premier Michigan spot for networking, certifications, education and professionalism within the nanny community. We help nannies take their careers to the next level by encouraging CPR certification, first aid certification, the INA credential exam etc. –

We donated all proceeds ($5 registration fee and ticket sales for raffle prizes) to the Carter Buffum Research Fund. We raised $200 for this research fund, and are so happy people helped!

Some of our visitors were well-seasoned speakers, and some were making their debut here at our event!


We want to say thank you to all who attended, and all who helped put this event together. We are hoping to plan several more in the next year, for those professionals who were unable to attend.

Here are some pictures from our event!

Coloring the Hearts of Children

Cristina and Jeff Huff with Lena

Mathew Haack DEMA

New Nanny Friends


Thanks again to everyone who helped make this happen!

Want to be a part of the next event? Register to be a part of the Metro Detroit Nannies HERE.



Lena Santacaterina – Owner of Perfect Nanny Match, and Co-host of Coloring the Hearts of Children 2014