This poem was written by a few nanny friends of mine.

Based off the book ‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”


If you give a nanny a naptime

She’ll finally get to go to the bathroom in peace.

While she’s washing her hands, she’ll look in the mirror and realize she’s still wearing a tiara and a superman cape, and has six stickers on her face, which will remind her to clean the playroom.

While she is cleaning the playroom, she’ll find 3 dirty socks and a sippy cup of sour milk, so she’ll go to put those away and that’s when she’ll notice that the dishwasher needs to be emptied and the laundry needs to be done.

While she is doing laundry she’ll remember there are dirty clothes in the nursery, so she’ll tiptoe upstairs and as she opens the nursery door it will creak and wake the baby.

As she rocks the baby back to sleep she’ll notice her manicure is a mess, which will remind her that she missed her nail appointment two weeks ago because she agreed to stay and babysit.

As she puts the baby back in the crib she’ll notice her shoulder is covered with baby drool and she’ll remember about the laundry.

While she is doing the laundry, she’ll realize you are almost out detergent, so she’ll start to make a grocery list.

When she opens the fridge to see if you need milk, her tummy will start to rumble and she’ll remember that she never ate lunch.

She’ll make herself a sandwich, add bread to the shopping list, and sit down to eat. As soon as she sits down to eat lunch, she’ll hear the baby on the monitor so she’ll wrap up her sandwich and go to get the baby. As she dashes back up the stairs, she’ll realize how tired she is and wish that she had a naptime too.

But if you give a nanny a naptime…well, we all know how that goes.


By: Kristin Grau, Candice Kovach, Tara Lindsay, Jessie Richmond