Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This year, I would like to thank all the families who have applied, and worked with my agency. My business would be nothing without families and clients such as yours. I love being able to answer all your questions, hear the relief in your voices. The reason I love running Perfect Nanny Match so much, is because I get to help families find the most amazing, quality nannies out there. I am SO THANKFUL to be able to help you.

I would also of course like to thank deeply all of the nannies who have worked with my agency. My business would not be the same without passionate, talented nannies like you!! I appreciate all the emails, reviews and calls. I truly believe that without you, I would not have the clientele base that I do now. I always try to make sure that I show my nannies how thankful I am throughout the year, but today, I want to remind you just how thankful I am!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Please be safe, and have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family.

Love, Lena (Owner of Perfect Nanny Match)

PS. Another blog/email will be sent out shortly to discuss holiday bonuses and raises! Stay tuned.