Happy New Year!

Perfect Nanny Match would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your families! We hope you are happy and healthy going into 2014.

2013 was a very important year for Perfect Nanny Match and all the families and caregivers we have matched! This year brought us a very successful National Nanny Training Day, a luxurious National Nanny Recognition Week, and a very educational Nannypalooza weekend in Ohio. Perfect Nanny Match has a few resolutions we would like to make for 2014. One of which, is we intend to double our roster of caregivers. This means we would like to keep in better contact with our caregivers, and would also like to navigate new areas to recruit talent.

A new year brings new goals, new ideas and of course resolutions for all of our caregivers as well. Perfect Nanny Match would like to be there, and be a part of your new year’s resolutions. If you are thinking of changing positions or trying out a new career, please consider contacting us to find you a new job. Perfect Nanny Match negotiates on behalf of all of our caregivers, making sure they are getting the best possible jobs out there.

Perfect Nanny Match wants to extend a special thank you and Happy New Year wish to all of our caregivers. You ladies and gentlemen make our company the best in the business. We would be nothing without our professional, caring, and dedicated caregivers. We are hoping to have an even more successful 2014 with the help of all of you.

When it comes to our matched families, we would like to say thank you for using our services, and thank you for being such amazing employers. In 2014 Perfect Nanny Match would like to double the number of families we match, as well as help families better understand their roles as employers. If you are considering hiring a caregiver for your family, please give us a call at 248-227-0016 and we will help you through every step of the process.

Again, happy new year. We can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring us!