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To be considered for these positions you must:

  • be over the age of 21
  • have at least 2 years of nanny experience (or work in a daycare/school)
  • have 3 reachable, relevant references
  • have a reliable car, with a good driving record
  • pass a background/sex offender check
  • be able to conduct a phone and in-person meeting with Perfect Nanny Match
  1. Grosse Pointe Woods needs an after school nanny. These kids have recently lost their Mother to cancer, so Dad is trying to do everything himself. He needs help with the kids and housework after school. The job is guaranteed 15 hours per week. The kids are 12 (boy) and 5 (girl). Hours could go up to 20 if the nanny was willing to do a few hours on the weekend on occasion. M-F 3-6pm. $15-16/hr cash. 

They will need to be picked up from school, snack, driven in your car to various activities and help with homework and dinner. The Dad might be able to come home around 5 some days, which would allow the nanny to maybe put in a load of laundry or help get groceries. This is a nanny/household manager position. 

You must have a safe, reliable vehicle and a clean driving record. Mileage reimbursement for use of your own car will be given. You must be able to pass a background check. The ideal candidate will have 3 verifiable nanny/child care related references. You must have at least 3 years or prior nanny or child care experience. Non-smokers only. Must be punctual! If you live near the GPW area, this will be ideal. 

Family is hoping to keep someone on for the whole school year, and maybe beyond into the summer. They need someone reliable, understanding and fun. Since their family is going through an extremely hard time, someone with common sense and a kind demeanor is necessary. Start date is ideally August 28th.

2. Birmingham family needs full time, professional nanny for infant boy/girl twins. Family is due September 4th, but could come earlier. Start date would be about 3 months after babies arrive, so around November. Again, this is subject to change depending on when babies arrive and when Mom goes back to work. They will start interviewing August 28th. Days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 7:30-5:30pm. Grandma will be watching babies on Wednesday’s but some flexibility is requested in case she needs to change the day with the nanny.

Family is offering 2 weeks paid vacation and 6-8 weeks unpaid weeks of vacation. Family knows what weeks they won’t need the nanny ahead of time. This would allow the nanny to have free time those weeks, or pick up temp jobs. Positions pays $17-18/hr net, TAXED and is based on experience. Paid holidays, and mileage reimbursement. Family has a shy/friendly dog and an older cat.

Ideal candidate will be aged 30-50 ish, have twin experience and a college degree. These qualities are not a must, but preferred. Nanny MUST have at least 4 years of prior nanny experience to be considered for this position. Non-smoker, reliable vehicle, solid references, and ability to teach these babies as they grow. This is a long term, career position.

Family is quite laid back, and hopes to find a nanny with the same attitude. Since these are their first children, they would love a nanny who can help give them direction and ideas. Duties include: help with baby laundry, dog care, light housekeeping, meals for babies, and dishes/bottles for babies. Family will most likely not feel comfortable with nanny driving the babies at first, but will after they get comfortable and older.

3. Dearborn family needs a 30 hour a week nanny for their 1 year old son. Hours are M-F 1pm-7pm, and they will guarantee those 30 hours. Long term, professional nannies only. Family is offering $14-16/hr and are comfortable with either cash or taxed. Start date is September 28th. They are offering 1 week paid vacation and paid holidays. They hope to have a nanny who is a member of the family. They prefer someone under the age of 55 and someone with a college degree would be ideal but not necessary.

Mom will be home from September to January. She will then be starting work. She does have meetings outside the house, but she will be working from home mostly. Her office is upstairs and she hopes that her nanny will be able to take care of everything without much guidance from her (after transition period). Family encourages nanny to help themselves to food in their home.

Their son is on formula and pureed foods, and needs help being introduced to finger foods. He is not yet walking. Potential candidates must have at least 3 years of prior nanny experience to be considered. The family would love to have a nanny who is aware of developmental milestones/what’s normal, to help guide the parents. Family would consider allowing the nanny to take son out and about, but for the first few months, the Mom would like to come with the nanny on any walks/outings. She has admitted that she is overprotective, and hopes the nanny can work with her on that trust. They do currently have a camera set up in their living room which they explained is not for the nanny, but for home protection.

Mom is very concerned about safety and cleanliness. She has some particular requests in that area, which I can discuss in more detail with potential candidates. Job responsibilities would be: helping out with child’s laundry, meal prep (steam veggies, puree foods, cut up etc), dishes load/unload, bottles washed, play area wiped down/vacuumed, toys cleaned etc. Their son currently naps from around 2:30-5, so they request the chores to be done at that time. If everything is done, the family encourages you to relax.

4. Busy Royal Oak family needs a part time nanny for their two children. 25 hours per week. The kids are 4 (boy) and 2 (girl) years old. They need help M-F from 7am-12pm, with the possibility for more hours if the nanny wants it. They currently have 3 nannies, all working different shifts. The Mom is a doctor, works long hours and is on call often. Dad travels frequently so they have the need for multiple nannies. Occasional overnights or weekends might be requested in advance. Family is paying $15/hr cash, paid holidays off and 1 vacation day per month worked. Mileage reimbursement will also be given for any miles driven with the children in nannies vehicle. Nanny would be mainly responsible for the little girl, because the son goes to school 5 days a week.

Applicants must have a safe, reliable vehicle that can fit two car seats. The afternoon nanny picks up the son from school, but there might be some occasions where the AM nanny needs to drive both children. Previous nanny experience is required, as well as up to date vaccinations. Family is Indian, and hopes to find a nanny who is open minded, well-cultured and aware of differences in child-rearing. Family prefers a fit, healthy nanny, who is over the age of 30. The family prefers nannies who are bilingual, and will give preference to college educated nannies as well. The Mom only speaks in their Indian language to the children, so a nanny who is comfortable with that is needed. Some nannies might feel uncomfortable with Mom speaking another language in front of the nanny. The children are fluent in English.

The grandparents are out of state, but have daily FaceTime conversations with the children. The nanny will be required to set those conversations up for the children. Family has nanny/security cameras in some common areas of the house. Both children eat most foods, they just don’t eat large quantities. The kids are mostly vegetarian (mom is full vegetarian) and occasionally eat eggs, fish etc. Meal prep for the kids is required. If the 2 year old goes to school twice a week, the nanny must be able to be a house manager on those mornings. Those duties would include: cleaning up dishes from breakfast, starting lunch/dinner prep, wiping down counters, wiping off booster/high chairs, helping with laundry (including Mom’s), making children’s beds etc. Grocery shopping might be requested on days when both children are in school. On the days when the 2 year old is not in school, nanny should tidy up in the morning but mostly focus on her. Family does have a housekeeper every Friday.

The kids are going to a Spanish immersion program at their Montessori school, so the family gives preference to nannies who speak Spanish. Their family is very family centered, and hope to find a nanny who is too. They want their nanny to feel comfortable in their home, and many of their nannies have become members of their family. If time allows, they’d love their nanny to take the kids to do fun activities. There is also a playground/park and library down the road from their house. They have a double stroller and single strollers for adventures.

If you’re interested in this position, please apply on www. PerfectNannyMatch. com and make sure to upload your resume and references.

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