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1.Busy Royal Oak family needs a part-time morning nanny for their two children. Start date is April 9th (flexible). Children are 4 (boy) and 2 (girl) years old. Hours M-F from 7am-12pm, with the possibility for more hours if the nanny wants it in evenings or weekends. They currently have one nanny who works in the afternoon. The Mom is a doctor, works long hours and is on call often. Dad travels often so they have the need for multiple nannies. Family is paying $15/hr, paid holidays off and 1 vacation day per month worked. Mileage reimbursement will also be given for any miles driven with the children in nannies vehicle.

2. Royal Oak morning family (number 1 above) is also looking for an afternoon nanny M-F from 12-6pm. The hours could be extended occasionally if the parents have late meetings. Additional hours could also be extended on the weekends if nanny needed more hours. Same details as above shift, just different activities/transportation routes/duties.

3. Busy Canton family needs full time care for their 3 children. They have a 3 month old girl, 4 year old boy and 5 year old girl. They need someone to start April 2nd. We might have a temp nanny in place at that time, so the start date could be later if needed. They need M-F 7am-4pm. They are offering $600 per week (anything over 45 hours will be paid at $15/hr), 2 weeks paid vacation, 9 paid holidays and mileage reimbursement.

This family hopes to find a nanny who can stay with them long term, and become part of their family. The 5 year old is in school everyday until 3:30, so nanny would have the two youngest at home until summer. Once summer comes, the nanny will have all 3 children. In the fall, the 4 and 5 year old will be in school (pre-k and kindergarten), so the nanny would just have the baby at home. Someone who can juggle all 3 children (and their different ages) at once is a necessity.

The 4 year old has a peanut allergy, eczema and occasional asthma. They keep epi pens in the house and in diaper bags and will train on how to use it. This family prefers a nanny who is active, engaged and honest. Some light household duties will be requested such as: children’s laundry/bedding once a week, wiping down countertops, run/empty dishwasher, children’s meals, and occasional organizing of the children’s toys/clothing. Duties once the two eldest are in school might increase to include: occasional grocery shopping, errands, maybe family meal prep and more organizing when time allows. Main focus for this family is the children.

This family believes in time outs when needed, redirection and the counting to 3 method. They do not believe in spanking. They would like to have occasional contact with their nanny throughout the day via text and would like someone to keep a nanny log for the baby. Someone with prior nanny experience is necessary, and preference will be given to nannies who have a college degree.

4. Rochester family needs an evening nanny for their 3 children starting April 30th. They have b/g twins who are 1 month old and a 4 year old brother. They need help M-F from 6-10pm (sometimes later, with notice). They could also use help two weekends a month, but that’s not a requirement. Main priority is during the week. If someone wanted more hours, they could extend them to M-F 3-10pm in the Fall, otherwise, the 4 year old can go to after school care.

The mom gets her schedule one month in advance, and also knows well in advanced the weekends she needs help. The father will be home most of the time but will be in the basement as he is currently studying/taking classes for his MBA. The Mom might occasionally be home in the evening but will want to focus on the 4 year old, while the nanny takes care of the twins. This family is offering $15.hr, one week paid vacation, 3 sick days, and holidays off.

Family is safety conscious and hopes to find a nanny who is very careful in the kitchen and while holding the babies. They have certain rules in their house that they hope a nanny is willing to implement. The 4 year old is a picky/slow eater, so someone with patience is required. They are a firm, but loving family. They believe in boundaries, setting expectations and enforcing them. They hope a nanny can follow through in a loving manner. They do not have any pets, nor does anyone in the house have any allergies.

The babies are on formula, and have a bit of reflux currently. Infant experience is a requirement, twin experience is a plus. The twins will be in daycare during the day, and most likely the parents will be bringing them home for the evening nanny. Helping with homework after school is required, as well as the bed time routine. Everyone will go to bed by 9pm. Someone who can help the 4 year old sleep in his own bed is preferred. This family would love a long term nanny, who can feel comfortable in their home, become part of their family and be very communicative and open.

5. *Family has not been met with, gauging interest before taking them on as a client, so if you’re at all interested, please let me know asap!* Single Father in Farmington Hills needs help with his three children ages 10, 8 and 6. Mon/Tues from 6:30-8:30am and Monday 3:30-4:45pm. His most immediate need is the before school time frame, and could make do without the after school care if need-be. Father will pay $30 for each shift since the hours are so limited. Ideally he would like to find someone who could do full day Mon/Tues in the summer.


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