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1. Nanny needed in Oakland Township! New parents in Oakland Township need a full time nanny for their 5 month old daughter. They are looking for M-F 8:30-5:30pm, long term, career nanny. They are hoping to stick around the $15-16/hr mark. They are offering 2 weeks paid vacation, 6 federal holidays off/paid, 3 paid sick/personal days, and mileage reimbursement. Start date is after Thanksgiving.

They are a very loving family, and are looking for someone engaging and experienced. This family will need help with light housekeeping, tidying up, meal prep, bottle cleaning, baby laundry, and occasionally letting out their friendly goldendoodle. They are looking for a nanny who can teach their daughter with no screen time. They are hoping to find a nanny who wants to become a part of their family!

Personality traits they are looking for: engaging, loving, caring, patient, proactive, responsible, mature, nurturing, attentive and animal friendly. Mom works from home full time and Dad occasionally works from home. Mom likes to come out occasionally in between calls to say hello to the baby, but doesn’t plan on being a ‘hover mom’.

They plan to fully respects a nanny’s time, and hope the nanny will be punctual for them in return. This family is guaranteeing the full 45 hours per week. One set of Grandparents are nearby and hope to come visit the baby on occasion. This family is hoping to find a nanny who is very open, communicative and silly. They want a nanny who has enough experience to know the milestones/development stages of their child enough to be able to point out any issues to the family. The family is open to suggestions/ideas from the nanny. This family also hopes a nanny will go out and about in the community doing fun activities with their daughter.

2. Busy Royal Oak family needs a part-time, morning nanny for their two children. The kids are 4 (boy) and 2 (girl) years old. They need help M-F from 7am-12pm, with the possibility for more hours if the nanny wants it. They currently have a daytime nanny and hope to also eventually find a 6-9pm nanny. The Mom is a doctor, works long hours and is on call often. Dad travels often so they have the need for multiple nannies. Occasional overnights or weekends might be requested in advance. Family is paying $15/hr, paid holidays off and 1 vacation day per month worked. Mileage reimbursement will also be given for any miles driven with the children in nannies vehicle.

Nanny would be mainly responsible for the little girl, because the son goes to school 5 half days a week. Daughter currently goes to school 2 half days per week. Applicants must have a safe, reliable vehicle that can fit two car seats. Starting in January the little girl will be in school also for 3 mornings a week. The afternoon nanny picks up the son from school, but there might be some occasions where the AM nanny needs to drive both children. Previous nanny experience, and being up to date vaccinations are requirements. Family is Indian, and hopes to find a nanny who is open-minded, stricter, well-cultured and aware of differences in child-rearing. Family prefers a fit, healthy nanny, who is over the age of 30. The family prefers nannies who are bilingual, and will give preference to college educated nannies as well. The Mom only speaks in their Indian language to the children, so a nanny who is comfortable with that is needed. The children are fluent in English.

The grandparents are out of state, but have daily FaceTime conversations with the children. The nanny will be required to set those conversations up for the children. The grandparents come into town and stay with the family at least once every other month. They do hover slightly, so a strong nanny is needed to create boundaries. Family has nanny/security cameras in some common areas of the house. Both children eat most foods, they just don’t eat large quantities. Feeding is a struggle for these kids, so nanny needs to do a decent amount of coaxing/begging/negotiating. The kids are mostly vegetarian (mom is full vegetarian) and occasionally eat eggs, fish etc. Meal prep for the kids is required.

When the 2 year old goes to school 3x a week, the nanny must be able to be a house manager on those mornings. Those duties would include (but not limited to): cleaning up dishes from breakfast, starting lunch/dinner prep, wiping down counters, wiping off booster/high chairs, helping with laundry (including Mom’s), making children’s beds etc. Grocery shopping might be requested on days when both children are in school. On the days when the 2 year old is not in school, nanny should tidy up in the morning but mostly focus on her. Family does have a housekeeper every Friday.

The kids are going to a Spanish immersion program at their Montessori school, so the family gives preference to nannies who speak Spanish. Their family is very family centered, and hope to find a nanny who is too. They want their nanny to feel comfortable in their home, and many of their nannies have become members of their family. If time allows, they’d love their nanny to take the kids to do fun activities. There is also a playground/park and library down the road from their house. They have a double stroller and single strollers for adventures.

3.Birmingham family needs a nanny for their three children ages 16, 14 and 11. They 11 year old girl has autism and is who the nanny will mostly be in charge of. They need help one week night evening per week (preferably Thursday or Friday but can be flexible) and one weekend evening, every weekend. This is very flexible, so if the nanny isn’t available 1 or 2 weekends it’s not a big deal. Mom stays at home and wants a break to go out with her husband.

They plan to take occasional trips without the children either during the week or weekend. This means the nanny would be requested to stay at the home overnight, get children off to school and be there when the children arrive home from school. These longer stays would be requested well in advance. This would be a great position for someone with another nanny position to supplement income. Special needs experience is a huge plus, but not required. Empathy, patience and kindness are required.

Family has one large 120lb friendly dog, but the children are responsible for him. Kids are pretty basic eaters and Mom will help figure out meals ahead of time. The 11 year old is high functioning autistic, very verbal but can take a while to warm up to new people. She enjoys going bowling, going to the park, playing games, going to the mall, going out to eat, etc. Someone super patient with thick skin would work well with this family.

This family has had nannies in the past, and had great relationships with them.This is a very flexible job as far as schedule goes, but they hope to find someone who will stay a part of their family for several years. Pay is $17+ per hour. Family has a trip December 17th for a few days where the nanny would need to spend the night, get them off to school and do evening routines. Ideally the position would start before that trip so the nanny has time to get acquainted.

  1. Busy, dual working Bloomfield Hills family needs help with their 4 and 7 year old children. They need after school care 3-5 days per week (nannies choice). Tuesdays and Wednesdays are a must have. They also need house management help a few times a week prior to picking up the kids. Hours are 2-6pm. Pick up starts at 3:30, so the nanny could just do the house management part 1-2 per week if desired. Family is pretty flexible with the schedule but 100% need 3-6pm T/W at a minimum. Family also would love a date night once or twice a month.

Family is offering $15/hr, gas mileage reimbursement, guaranteed hours, and paid holidays. Family has had their nanny for 4 years now, and they’d love to keep their new nanny for that long if possible! They need a nanny who will pick their kids up from school, bring them home, help with any homework, play games, interact and make dinner. Additional duties before kids get home include but aren’t limited to: pick up/drop off dry cleaning, meal prep, grocery shopping. Basically they just need an extra set of hands a few times a week.

The children like to go outside when it’s nice out, play board games, play tag, hide and seek, reading, watching shows and playing with their toys. The family would deal with misbehavior as they come, but generally have a middle of the road approach to discipline. The kids are picky eaters, so Mom will most likely make a food calendar and have most foods prepared in advance. Meal prep could include chopping up veggies, taking things out of the freezer etc. No gourmet cooking necessary!

This family does currently have care, but would like to do interviews over the holidays while the family has time off. They plan to give their current nanny at least 2 weeks notice and can be flexible on start date. This is a year round position with same hours during summer.

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