Open Positions Currently Available:
1. After school driver/nanny in Bloomfield for two 15 year old children. Days are sporadic, but known one month in advance M-F. Some weekend help is needed. Hours range from 3pm-7pm or so. Guaranteed salary of $250 biweekly. $12-14/hr plus mileage if nanny works more. Pick up from school, take home, snack, drive to activities. Starts Oct 21st. This is a very easy job, as the kids don’t need much supervision.
2. Nanny/driver/house manager in Clarkston for 11 and 14 year old children. Nanny car available for use. M-F 6:30am-12:30pm. Get kids ready for school, drive to Cranbrook in Bloomfield. Come back to the house and do house management duties after drop off. $15-16/hr taxed. Guaranteed 30 hours per week. Two week days per week the family may ask nanny to pick kids up from school and bring home. This would add several hours to the 30 hour guarantee. Position goes full time in Summer. Starts ASAP. Long term position.
3. Full time professional nanny needed in West Bloomfield. Guaranteed 50 hours per week. M-F 8am-6pm for newborn and 4.5 year old (in preschool all day). Preschooler will need drop off and pick up help. $13-15/hr taxed. 2 weeks paid vacation, holidays off/paid etc. One year commitment, position starts October 27th.
4. Full time executive housekeeper with childcare duties. 80% housekeeping, 20% childcare. Two girls, 3 and 5. Mom does not work. 7k square foot home needs cleaning 4 days per week (M-F) and she requests Thursday and Saturday nights for childcare. 40 hours per week, need someone who has cleaned estate level homes previously. Hours are approximately 9am-5pm for 4 days, and on Saturday nights 4pm-12am. Lots of laundry, ironing etc. Must be flexible. $20/hr, position starts asap.

Email for further information. Apply