Hi everyone!

I’ve been contacted recently by Jessica Starr from Fox 2 News to be a guest child care expert on their segment called ‘Parent 2 Parent’. I was very nervous before the taping to be on tv, but once I arrived in the studios I was immediately calmed and felt exhilarated!

Metro Detroit will now have some clear, concise answers as to the difference between a nanny/babysitter, tips on how to find a great nanny, and what expectations a nanny has. This should hopefully help a lot of parents understand the nanny world a little bit better. Please watch and share!

Please set your DVR’s or your TiVo, or whatever it is people use to┬árecord their┬áTV programs now a days, for Wednesday February 3rd from 9am-10am. I don’t have any more details as to what area in that hour it will be airing. More details to come once it has aired. Sometime tomorrow afternoon I will have the link to the clip so people can watch it right away. It will be about 4-5 minutes long!

Thanks for all your support and views!


Lena Santacaterina- Owner and founder of Perfect Nanny Match LLC