Hi everyone!

Happy Fall! Guess what?! I was making a master list of all my clients and who their nanny is today, and realized that I have hit 100 matches! That’s right, 100 families have worked with my company, to find amazing childcare. 100 nannies now have employment and can go out and change the lives of children in the Southeast Michigan area! I am SO proud to be the coordinator between the two parties.

When I started my company in late 2012, I had NO idea I would grow to become one of the biggest nanny agencies in the Metro Detroit area. I am so thankful to all the clients who have trusted me with their families. Working with a stranger (me) to help find another stranger to work in your home takes a lot of guts! Please continue to work on your relationship with your nanny/babysitter everyday. The bond they have with your kids is stronger than you know.

I am even more thankful to all the wonderful nannies who have gone through my vetting process to be matched with a family. All of the wonderful ladies and gentleman I have helped employ mean so much to me, and my business. 100 nannies strong, and here’s to 100’s more!

Please reach out to me if you ever need anything regarding your current nanny, or if you’re interested in finding a new caregiver! We also have temp nannies starting at $20 per day! Just in time for flu season!

Thanks and happy Fall!

Lena (248) 227-0016