November 2016 Nanny Jobs


Hello everyone!

Perfect Nanny Match has had an incredibly busy last few months! New clients are pouring in each week, and I am so excited to share with you all the new families we are currently trying to find amazing nannies for! This month we have families in Wayne County, Oakland County and Macomb County! Looks like we are expanding!

Please read below (new clients added weekly) to see open nanny positions. If you have already applied with Perfect Nanny Match and are interested in any of the jobs, please email Or if you are a brand new nanny to the Perfect Nanny Match family, please fill out an application Nanny Application . This will allow you to attach your resume, references etc. All positions require valid drivers license, 21+, non-smoking, prior nanny experience and a love of children!

  1. Brownstown family seeks a full time professional nanny to take care of their 5 month old girl, and 6 year old girl. 6 year old would be in school most of the day. The hours can vary from 7:30am to 6pm, but more regularly their schedule will be 8am-5:30. The family would appreciate a flexible nanny, as they often have schedule changes. A nanny who could sleep over and/or stay later would be ideal. Family is looking for someone to start asap.

This family has 2 extremely large, friendly dogs (100+ lbs each), one is crated because he is a puppy, one is not. Nanny must feel comfortable being around the dogs, and letting them outside. Must also be able to handle both infants and school age children.

Family reserves the right to drug and background check themselves, separately from the background check Perfect Nanny Match runs. Family would prefer a reliable, long-term, career nanny. This family is willing to guarantee $400 per week, but weekly payment could be upwards to $700 gross per week depending on experience level of nanny. This means they are paying $12-15/hr taxable. They will also pay overtime. Family will give one week of PTO/Vacation time and all holidays paid/off. Family is interested in hiring someone legally through their business, so you will get a W2. Family would like a nanny who is willing to spend overnights, and travel some with advanced notice. Family gives raises, X-mas bonuses and is willing to take nannies on vacation all expenses paid.

This family is planning to move soon to Grosse Ile, so nanny must be semi-familiar with this area, able to drive, and willing to help with this transition. Position starts asap. Nanny must use own vehicle (the provide gas money), must have several years experience as a full time nanny and should have experience with allergies, as the baby has soy and milk protein allergy.

  1. Professional Birmingham family seeks part time professional nanny. Family has hired nannies/babysitters in the past, but is looking for someone long term. Family is extremely laid back, and hopes to find a nanny with the same values. They have two little boys, ages 6 and 3. They are looking for Tuesday 3:30-8:30, Wednesday 4:30-11 and Thursday 3:30-8:30. This schedule will probably be for the next month or so until family feels comfortable with the nanny driving the kids. Once the nanny can drive, the hours on Tu/Th will be 2:30-8:30, Wednesday 4:30-11. Family will guarantee 20 hours per week whether they use the nanny or not.

Family will give 2 days PTO (equivalent to 12 hours), gas mileage reimbursement and holidays off/paid. Family has a membership to the zoo, Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village etc and doesn’t mind if the nanny joins in. Family welcomes nanny to eat their food, as the family owns a grocery store. They would prefer a non-smoker. They are considering getting a dog next spring.

They need someone who has prior nanny experience, a nanny who can drive, someone who is patient, loving, and FUN! They are all about their kids having a good time, but someone who can also keep a consistent house is welcome. They need a nanny asap. The pay is DOE and is very competitive.

  1. Romeo single Mom is looking for a full time nanny for her two children, a one year old girl and 4 year old boy. They are looking for M-F 1pm-9pm. $15/hr taxed. They are looking for someone mid-December. Family will be just moving into their new home, so someone who can keep the kiddos busy during the moving/unpacking time would be great. They are looking for someone young, energetic and a nanny who takes initiative. Some of the duties involved in this position include: driving 4 year old back and forth from school, children’s laundry, cleaning bottles, making basic lunch/dinner meals for the kids and helping 4 year old get ready for kindergarten.

Mom is a stay at home Mom, so she will be in and out of the house. She however, is not a helicopter Mom, and doesn’t mind letting the nanny take control. This Mom is very interested in having a nanny who gets along with the kids (especially the 4 year old, who had a nanny prior and was very close to her) and has fun! She wants someone professional, career minded, and someone who wants to stay long term. Someone who is comfortable travelling with the family is encouraged to apply. This is a taxed position, where you will receive a W2.

  1. Birmingham doctor couple seeks a 30-45 hour a week nanny for their 6 week old baby boy. Mom currently works part time, but has a job interview soon which could lead her to work full time. Right now, the family would like to guarantee the hours of M-F 12-6. When/if she gets the full time job the nannies hours would be closer to 8-6pm M-F. Family will offer paid holidays, 2 weeks paid vacation and mileage reimbursement for nannies usage of her own vehicle. Pay is DOE, and is competitive.

Family would like a nanny to start December 12th to get trained/used to the house with Mom present for the first few days.  Nanny would get the week between Christmas and New Years off. Family is pretty active so they would like a nanny who has those same hobbies (running, walking, bike riding etc). They live within walking distance to downtown Birmingham. They would like a nanny who wants to get their son out and about, and encourage playdates with neighborhood kids. They do not have any pets, and require a non-smoker.

Mom is formula feeding. Someone with experience with infants, bottle feeding, sanitizing toys and bottles, and doing light housekeeping is required. Must have a reliable vehicle. They would prefer someone under the age of 40 if possible. Helping with baby laundry would be ideal. Family has housekeeper biweekly for deep cleaning. This family is open to having a male or female nanny.

  1. Busy Bloomfield Hills mom needs help with her two teenage sons before/after school. Hours are M-F 6:30-8:30am and 3-7pm. This could be considered more of a house manager position, as there is a decent amount of driving, cooking, directing involved. Both kids have, and take medication for ADHD. The older boy has a little bit of a moody disposition, and sometimes can be a little tricky to work with. Someone who can hold their ground, and be firm but loving is ideal for this family.

Mom smokes outside, but prefers a non-smoker. Must have clean background and driving record. Both kids have extremely high IQ’s and sometimes like to push buttons with adults. Again, someone who can handle a little back and forth is necessary. Mom has a partner who comes into town every other week. He will also be bringing their two dogs (one larger, one smaller) into town then. He and the boys mostly take care of the dogs while they are in town.

If the nanny only wants to only handle working with the kids, it’s about 30 hours per week, if the nanny wants to also take care of grocery shopping/errands, laundry/cleaning, etc, then the hours can bump up to about 35 hours per week. Family currently has an au pair who does the housekeeping. If someone liked doing housekeeping, she could do it. Mom is used to keeping the house tidy by herself, but someone who can help clean up is ideal. Someone who is taking online classes, or who run another business would be ideal for this position, because of the gap in the day. Family does not mind if nanny hangs out at their home during the gap in the day. Family has a brand new Honda Fit the nanny can use to run errands/drive boys if she prefers, otherwise, Mom will reimburse for gas.

Family does not need a nanny over the summer. This could mean that the nanny could take a different summer position and make $16-17 throughout the school year. Or the family could pay $15/hr for the entire year (even though they don’t need someone over the summer). The family could offer the nanny of a weekly salary for all 52 weeks at $450 per week. This means the nanny could also get a summer job ON TOP of having the $450 salary. This family needs someone to start Mid December (to work with current nanny. Family travels in late December, so actual start date would be January 2nd) or at least meet the family in December.

  1. Rochester family seeks a part time nanny for a SAHM and a busy, travelling Dad. Family has a 3.5 year old girl and is expecting a second child in November. They would like someone to work Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-5, and then add on Wednesdays probably after a few months of employment. Position starts mid December or beginning of January.

This family is paying a great hourly wage, and is hoping to find someone on the younger side. This family would like to have a nanny stay with them for about least a year, maybe longer. Someone who is a newer nanny, is welcome to apply for this job. You must have experience handling breastmilk. Mom will be in and out of the home, so you must be comfortable with that arrangement. This family has two cats and one very well-behaved dog. Mom has Celiac disease and would like someone to be able to adhere to a gluten free household.

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June 2016 Nanny Job Openings

June 2016 Perfect Nanny Match Jobs

Davison family:

Single Mom in Davison/Romeo needs a full time nanny for her two kids, a 4 year old little boy and 8 month old girl. She currently lives in Davison, but she plans to move to Romeo within the next 2 months. Therefore, we are trying to find someone that lives near Romeo. She would like someone to help M-F from 1pm-9pm or 1:30-9:30pm. This is a full time job, and long term. The Mom doesn’t work, but plans on being in and out of the house as needed. The Mom is very nice, and easy to work with and around. This family will offer sick days, vacation, paid holidays as well as paid holidays off. The start date is unknown at this time, unless we find someone who doesn’t mind driving to Davison until their move date. Pay is $15 hour and she would like someone who has at least 2 years of nanny experience.

The 4 year old goes to school during the school year, and will need help transporting back and forth, so a good driving record is necessary. Both children are good eaters and manners are important to this family. They do not have any pets at this time, and there are no allergies. Mom needs help around the house as far as laundry, light housekeeping, meal prep, bottle washing and transportation. She will also need help with the bedtime routine.

In order to be considered you must live close to Romeo, be flexible, over 21, have prior nanny experience and own a car. You must also be a non-smoker, and have a clean criminal history. This is not just a summer job, so you must be interested in staying with this family long term. 

Plymouth family:

Young Downtown Plymouth family is seeking a full time, professional career nanny. They are asking for 8-5 M-F so 45 hours, possibly sometimes a little more if she needs additional help earlier or later. They are paying between $14.50-15.30.. They are also giving a $30 stipend for a cell phone each month (which almost raises the hourly rate to $15.50 at the top end) and gas mileage reimbursement. They are offering 3 paid personal days and 6 major holidays paid, off. They are also giving the nanny about 3 weeks of paid vacation but those will be predetermined by the family. Any additional vacation time would be unpaid.

They have 3 little girls (adorable!) They are 5, 3 and 11 months. No pets, Mom currently stays home but is going back to work probably starting the first week of September,  maybe the week before or after. She said she could maybe have someone start coming to the house once a week or something until then so someone can get used to the girls before actually starting.

They would need a nanny who has their own vehicle, which would potentially need to fit 3 car seats. Nanny will only have all 3 girls for one hour when the 5 year old comes home from kindergarten. Basic lunch meal prep and help with laundry (shared duty with Mom) is required.

This family would like someone to hopefully give at least a 2 year commitment. They are looking for someone a little older, maybe over 30 but are willing to discuss that based on experience. They need someone who is a professional, career nanny.

Northville family

Northville family with twin infants need a full time M-F professional nanny. Hours could be 8-4 or 9-5. The family currently employs a night nanny and a postpartum doula. The doula will stay on with the family until we find them the Perfect Nanny. Start date is ASAP. They are willing to pay between $15-16/hr, one week paid vacation, paid holidays and two paid sick/personal days.

They need someone who has a clean driving record, has been a professional nanny for at least 5 years, 21+, live within 15 miles of Northville, and preferably have twin experience. Babies laundry, bottle cleaning and general light housekeeping is also requested. Family is also interested in hiring a nanny who would be willing to do the entire family’s laundry, but this can be discussed. This family would like to hire someone for at least 3 years.


How to Apply:

If you are interested in any of these positions, please first LIKE us on Facebook, and then apply on our website at

Thanks for reading!


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