Haggling on the cost of a nanny might be an awful idea. Going back and forth on what this person is worth to you, is potentially a mistake. This person is playing a huge role in your child’s’ life and is providing an invaluable service for you. As a parent hiring a nanny, you should first decide on what qualifications you want them to have. If there are certain attributes of a nanny you want and need in order to feel confident in them, you might have to pay more for those qualifications. Her time will be worth more, because she is more skilled. Spending $1 or 2/hr more probably won’t matter than much at the end of the year, but will mean the world to your nanny. It may mean sacrificing some things personally but having someone that meets all your qualifications and being able to leave your child in full confidence is worth whatever you have to give up.

Also, if you take time to notice how great of a job she does, you’re more likely to keep her. Showing appreciate is key. Turnover is time consuming and costly as a parent! So why not throw in a little extra money once a month, buy her a small gift, remember her birthday and give her an extra paid day off once a year. Also, discuss possibilities for her getting a raise once or twice a year. Little things go a long way! Treat her so well that even if another family came along promising more money she wouldn’t even consider it because she knows she already has a great position.

Hiring an agency to find the nanny in the first place makes the process so much more stress free for parents. It does cost money but if you find the right one it’s well worth it. Some of them are great not only at giving you pre-screened nannies but also matching ones specifically to your unique needs. So remember… a nanny has great influence over who your child grows to become so don’t skip on the expenses associated with finding someone great!