Family in Novi needs a temp nanny for their 3 children!
Ideal schedule is Fridays 8-5 and then 1-2 additional days between Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays, from 8-1pm. Family can be flexible on schedule! If you need more hours, they can accommodate. $16++/hr.
Girls are 4 and 2, little boy is 2 months old. Mom stays at home but stays out of nannies way!

This family lives on the Northville end of Novi, and has been searching for a German speaking, part time nanny.
This search has proven quite difficult, so they need a temp nanny until we find a better fit. The Mom can be super flexible with her schedule. She has had nannies in the past. Nanny must have prior nanny experience.
Must be screened by Perfect Nanny Match: phone interview, in-person interview, background check, driving check, social media check etc.


The job description for the actual position below will give you an idea of what kind of nanny, temp or not, the family is looking for:

Novi family is searching for a part time German speaking nanny for their 3 children. Girls are 4 and 2 years old, and newborn boy. Family will guarantee 20 hours per week no matter what. The hours are flexible (Mom stays home with baby) but ideally they would like MWF 8am-2pm and T/Th from 8am-12pm. This family speaks German and English. They MUST HAVE a native German speaking nanny, no exceptions at this time. Someone who took German in high school unfortunately does not count. Competitive hourly rate. Position starts June 1st, but they can be flexible for the right person to start later if need be.

The little girls are adorable, they live in a nice house, and Mom is super easy to get along with. Even though she technically is in the home, she says she rarely sees their current nanny. She stays completely out of the way. Their current nanny is leaving the family after being there for almost three years. Mom will be hanging out with the newborn little boy most of the time (she’s breastfeeding). After a few months however, Mom will want to be able to trust the nanny enough to leave all 3 kids home for short periods of time. They have a huge playroom in their basement. She loves it when her current nanny cleans up after the girls (or encourages them to clean up) at the end of her shift.

They hope to find a nanny who is creative, likes games, and can come up with fun activities for the girls to keep their minds sharp. 2 year old is still in diapers, so someone that can help with potty training would be nice. She wants their new nanny to be part of the family. She enjoys having open communication. She allows the nanny to be in charge when the nanny is working with the kids. Someone who can help the 4 year old with her homework (from Kumon) that would be nice. 4 year old is involved in swim and ballet. 2 year old is involved with gymnastics.

General tidying up of the house will be requested, but no deep cleaning. They have a cleaning service twice a month. Grandma is there a lot (lives in Nashville, but visits), but she doesn’t come downstairs that often when the nanny is there. She has a mother in laws suite upstairs and when she knows the nanny is there, she stays out of the way. The nanny is free and welcome to eat the families food. This a great family to join, thanks for reading!


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