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Lena responds within seconds every time no matter what time you contact her and is always super friendly. She’s also really great at making her childcare givers feel important and following up after jobs. Lena is truly a joy to interact with. :-) 
Kimberly H., Babysitter for several families in Troy
I am very thankful, and really appreciate Lena, for all the love and concern that she shows in placing me with the perfect family. I love it. I love the family. And I’m very thankful for being placed with them. Thank you and god bless!!!
Christine C.., Nanny for 4 year old girl and 1 year old boy in
I would like to say that I’m proud to be one of Perfect Nanny Match’s nannies. This company cares for their nannies and families. Lena has been there for me and I’m thankful for her support. I have worked for other companies but this is the best company by far.
Anna L., Nanny for a 10 month old little girl in Royal Oak
Lena has been great! She will always answer you! If you e-mail her or call her she will always answer you! She is up front with families & nannies! Thanks Lena I’m very grateful.
Grace E., Nanny for a 5 month old little boy in Birmingham
One of the best agencies I’ve searched through. Lena is very attentive to families AND her nannies and making the best possible matches. I continue to look through this agency whenever I’m in need of a job! I would recommend her to anyone!
Kim M., Nanny for 2 Children ages 3 and 5 in Detroit


Lena and Perfect Nanny Match are a wonderful service. Lena really listens to what the family needs as well as the nanny. By doing this she really does find the Perfect Match. I would recommend Perfect Nanny Match to any family or nanny.
Dawn H., Nanny for 3 Children ages 13, 10 and 6 in Royal Oak

Thanks for giving me such great details about the family before I went to the interview. I read my notes over before going, and I came prepared with that information already in hand. I just took it from there (and got the job). Just to let you know, it REALLY HELPS WHEN YOU GIVE SUCH GREAT DETAILS ABOUT THE FAMILY AND THEIR CHILDREN BEFORE THE INTERVIEW BECAUSE IT HELPS THE INTERVIEW RUN SMOOTHLY, and also the family feels more at ease when you know about them already. We, the (nannies) feel better knowing that you have already given the family information about us, and we don’t have to worry about the references, or the background check getting done because you have already done it for us!!! Just thought you should know that, and that made a difference because that helped me get a great start in the interview.

Tawonna S., Nanny for 2 Children ages 9, 10 and 11 in Royal Oak
I would highly recommend Perfect Nanny Match to anyone looking for that ideal family or for that exceptional nanny. Lena is very polite, considerate, knowledgeable, and professional at finding the suitable match for her nannies and families. Anyone that picks Perfect Nanny Match will surely not be disappointed..
Pam K., Nanny for 2 Children ages 1 and 3 in Royal Oak


We were recently introduce to “Perfect Nanny Match” and love it! The service was great. Lena stepped in to replace one of the babysitter at the last minute… She took care of our two boys overnight  (fed  them,  put them in bed, and took time to clean up! ) My boys had a great time with her.  I will definitely recommend this service.
Carine, Two boys for an overnight in Ann Arbor
We’re so excited about hiring Georgetta. Thanks for being our nanny matchmaker! Jude and Georgetta even sounds cute!
Katherine and Brian, Parents to a 7 month old little boy in Detroit
Dear Lena: Thank you for your great diligence in finding us some great candidates to consider for the position for our family! Great job, and we look forward to having April join us! I will definitely recommend your service to those who are looking for an agency to work with.
Leslie and Kent, Parents to 5, and 3 year old little girls, and a newborn son in Northville
I was very impressed with your service and your professionalism. The price was steep for us, but I think it’s a fair price for the service you offer and the quality and guarantee baked into the process. I’ll certainly recommend you to friends!
Denise, Parent to 9 month old son in Ferndale
I was looking for a housekeeper and I made several calls including to Merry Maids and Molly Maid. When the owner answered the phone she asked me several questions about my house. She then let me know she would make several calls and get back to me. Her response was extremely prompt and her prices were much better than the other quotes I had received–almost half the cost of the other two. The housekeeper was available to come the very next day to start a weekly routine. She finished in two hours and my house has never been cleaner. I am very satisfied with my service and I can’t wait for her to come back! Perfect Nanny Match followed up with me to make sure the service was acceptable, which I thought was great customer service. I then found out they also do dog sitting and I am excited to use their service for that as well. Summary: great customer service, excellent work, and one happy client!
Chelsea S, Home Owner in Royal Oak
We met with all of the candidates. You did a good job matching…all of the conversations seemed relaxed and normal.This already feels better than the last time we had to go through this!!!
Mike and Kristen, Parent to two boys ages 3 and 5 in Bloomfield Hills

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